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The faculty and grad students in the Stem Cell Research Department were warm, talked about the research they were doing and had a good laugh. 

However, this building administrator in the photo on the right was not happy with my presence, told me I had no right being there and called campus police. 

Fortunately, they found no lawful violation and I was not forced to leave. 

Officer Pitts declined my offer for a cookie.

I raised the most funds at the grand opening for the Art Department’s new facility, the Art Loft. Students, faculty and administrators were extremely generous and convivial. However, the Major Donors present at the opening weren’t interested in my project because, as they rhetorically asked,  “hadn’t they given enough already?”.

All of the sales proceeds were bagged and labeled. They ultimately were donated through the UW Foundation, the official fundraising and gift receiving organization for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. objects  |  | previous  | previous current  | bake sale  | gotta cup of sugar  | bittersweet  |
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