LS Letter Writing Campaign performance  | about  | objects  | Letter Writing Campaign- An interactive performative installation in which people were given a manila envelope containing a series of instructions. Participants were asked to write a postcard, a love letter, their address and a heartache. This information was then stamped, sealed, mailed and shredded, respectively. It is a participatory project dedicated to the lost art of the written word and the potential it contains.

Gallery visitors are greeted by a desk attendant and asked if they are interested in participating in the project. If they agree, they are handed a clipboard, a pen and a large manila envelope containing four smaller envelopes and corresponding instructions. 

The instructions include writing your address on a label sticker, writing a postcard to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, writing yourself a love letter and writing down a heartache you have felt or have caused someone else in the past.

The participants are also instructed to return to the desk attendant when they are finished

The desk attendant then places stamps and address labels on the postcards and letters and makes them ready to mail

In the final step of the project’s performance, the participants are asked by the desk attendant to take their heartaches to a shredder by the wall and put their heartaches through the shredder. 

Postcards were immediately mailed. However, the love letters were held onto for over a year and mailed when participants had hopefully forgotten they had ever written them. current  | bake sale  | gotta cup of sugar  | bittersweet  |
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