LS what we remember performance  | about  | objects  | current  | What We Remember is a collection of food memories, research for recipes and a new community for eating. The project consists of food memories collected through an informal, 10 minute, one-on-one interview process. I think of a food memory as not just memories associates with food (its sight, smell, taste etc) but also the food and its associated sensory interactions as a catalyst for other memories. 

Each food memory goes through a careful sifting and winnowing process post interview. Gleaning ingredients and sensory experiences, I reconfigure the stories into new recipes. Ultimately, I share these recipes and the associated memories with others at food memory dinners conducted several times a year. Members of the collection are invited to the dinners as a chance to meet with other members, share their memories and create community in a different way. 

What We Remember is also an investigation into the role that food plays in creating our memories. The sensory experiences we have in relation to food play an important part in creating our memories. Through this project I aim to find a different way to look at our memories as well as food and the way it is consumed.

This is an ongoing project with events happening throughout the year. A website detailing the collection and the resulting recipes is forthcoming. It will feature audio clips from interview as well as info about past and upcoming dinners  and images from the collection process. Please bear with me while this get completed.