LS Biography performance  | about  | objects  | contact  artist statement  | cv bio  | Lisa Sikorski started her career as a metalsmith, making small-scale sculptures and large-scale jewelry. The performative aspects of the objects she made led her to work with the public directly in intimately produced, socially engaged projects. She considers her work as cultural investigations or provocations and recently has become interested in moments of domestic intersectionality- the spaces where the private, the personal and the intimate runs up against something incongruous. She is investigating domestic tasks and spaces and looking at them as a site of conflict in feminine identity as well as trying to create a dialog about the way we value these tasks and spaces. 

She holds a BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft and an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her awards include the Karen Dashbach Award for Community and Humanity and the Marie Christine Kohler Fellowship. She has participated in many exchanges and residencies including the Elsewhere Collaborative and Mildred’s Lane. Though she currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Steffen, she originally hails from the Chicagoland area and is a Mid-Westerner at heart. current  |