LS Barter cart performance  | about  | objects  | contact  current  | Barter Cart is an interactive public project in which participants are invited to exchange creative capital instead of real money to get snacks from a simulated food cart.  
Based on the barter system, the project exists as a way for participants to question the worth of their personal talents as well as test out the limits of their comfort zones in the public act of procuring a trade. 
At the food cart, I offered snacks I had made through three different forms of exchange:
           #1. choose from a list of things I 
            was particularly looking for, like 
            “info about audio recording 
            equipment” or “motivational 
            #2. choose blindly from a box of 
            actions I’d like to see happen, such 
            as “man my booth for 5 min, so I 
            can take a break” or “a five minute 
            discussion with me on a food 
            related political topic, such as the 
            soda ban”
            #3. Offer their own suggestion of a 
            fair trade with an item or their own 
            talent, such as a drawing or a song.

Snacks were varied to hit different hankerings: shortbread cookies, coco-krispies, granola bars, spiced nuts, lentil rice salad, corn tomato salad.

Left: Bartering
Right: List of trades I was especially interested in making happen

Left: A participant reading an offer from the box of suggestions.
Right: A participant “manning” my booth so I could take a break.

Snack backstock

Left: Getting a drawing in exchange for spicy pepitos
Right: Getting a good joke in exchange for a coco krispie bar

Getting a Kombucha scoby in exchange for lentil rice salad

More trades! 
Left: Spiced nuts and a granola bar for a mink...yes, a stuffed mink!
Right: A couple cookies for handmade soap 

Left: A granola bar for a book 
Right: A cookie for a coin that says “no cash value”...seriously! 

Spicy Pepitos for a drawing (the same drawing referenced in an earlier photo)
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