LS Gotta Cup Of Sugar performance  | about  | objects  |  |  ingredients neighborhood faces  |   recipes Gotta Cup of Sugar is a social investigation into neighborhoods and how they function today. 
In May 2009, I collaborated with fellow performance artist, Angela Richardson, at a week-long residency and resulting show called HouseWork. The show took place in a house that was used as a weekly supper club, leaving the house empty during the week. Participating artists were asked to spend time in the house over the course of the week and create work that responded to the space, physically or conceptually. 
Angela and I were intrigued by the fact that no one lived in the house and questioned what its relationship to the rest of the neighborhood was like. Given that it was located on the busiest street in town, would this neighborhood be welcome to its short-time residents? If we ran next door to borrow a cup of sugar, would they oblige? 
Armed with a clipboard and a bunch of storage containers we set about finding the answer to this question. Using the house owner’s favorite cookie book, the Betty Crocker Cooky Book ©1969, as a our starting point, we picked four different cookie recipes and consolidated all the ingredients into a master list. We then went door to door telling people about the house, our residency and asking if they’d like to participate in our project by donating something on the list. Neighbors were also invited to the show at the end of the week, regardless if they were home or donated anything, to see the individual ingredients baked into yummy goodness as well as the additional work at the show.

Cookies were baked at the house with Deb, the owner and were packaged along with interesting information and quirky tid bits from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book:
After the stock market crash, money was 
scarce and families enjoyed simple pleasures 
like reading aloud, taking nature hikes, and 
visiting friends—all occasions for chewy, 
hearty cookies like these.

1920 Women granted voting rights by passage 
of the 19th Amendment

Deb is a master baker and we learned many tips and tricks from her, like how to mix the perfect glaze. 

Several people we met in the neighborhood came to the opening and had the opportunity to see their likeness on the wall as well as meet other artists and local art supporters. 
To us, the generosity of the people from the neighborhood was astounding. We were able to collect every ingredient we needed and then some. 
We also were welcomed into people’s homes and into their lives. We learned stories of new beginnings, long-time residents and personal loss.  
We are grateful for their trust and thank them for their support.  

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