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For Ritual Series, I found inspiration in the spectacle of religion, particularly the rituals and associated objects and gestures. Using examples from my background as a catholic, I endeavored to bring my experiences from the public worship space into my daily life. The resulting set of objects is intentionally feminine and even a bit wry. 

Hand Held Confessional is used nightly to relieve one of the emotional burdens that might come from expressing our daily sins to our loved ones, like “I ate the last of the chocolate chip ice cream” or “I slept with your brother”.  Daily Asperges is used to purify your personal surroundings as you go about your public business in places like the subway, or in line at the post office. There is an inherent element of humor in these as there is in the spectacular that helps to relieve the often oppressively serious side of life.  Hand Held Confessional 18”x12”x1.5”
brass, silver, lexan, silk organza, copper mesh Daily Devotional 9”x6”x2.5”
silver, brass,  silk, ribbon, gesso painted cards Asperges for Daily Use 5”x5”x5”
silver, 18k yg, rubber, holy water Foundation Garment, size 10 petite
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