LS Corsage Series performance  | about  | Identity Corsages, 2007 
manipulated baking tins, mesh abrasive, enamel, tool dip, acrylic, elastic, bra hooks Identity Corsages, 2007 [alternative view] Domestic Betrothal, 2007 
found baking tins, silk, silk velvet, elastic, bra hooks Domestic Betrothal, 2007  [alternative view] 
Corsage Series is a set of loosely related objects taking the wrist as a site of identity performance. Objects are made of salvaged and manipulated commercial or industrial materials and question gender roles as well as the identities we perform.   objects  | ritual  corsage | the locket project  | conversation hearts  |
Rite of Passage, 2008 
reclaimed prom dresses, floral wire, floral tape, acrylic paint current  |